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What are the hair problems that most of us can face? What are the solutions?

Hair is an integral part of the attractive appearance of every woman and every man alike, and taking care of its health helps us maintain its beauty. But sometimes, despite our care to it, problems. What are the hair problems that most of us can face? What are the solutions? And when do we need to visit a dermatologist? All this we will get to know.

Common hair problems

The most common hair problems are problems related to its appearance in general, such as weakness, breakage, or brittleness. With the necessary care and the use of appropriate products, the condition of the hair can improve. But if with time the solutions that we tried did not work, then a visit to a dermatologist for consultation is necessary to direct us to the appropriate solution; In order to avoid wasting time and money in inappropriate products.

Hair loss, alopecia, some infections, itching and others are also the most common problems. These problems are more severe and it is necessary to consult a dermatologist for an examination, a correct diagnosis, and the appropriate treatment.

Hair Loss

Falling of hair is one of the most common hair problems for which a dermatologist is visited. Naturally, we all lose at least 50 hairs per day, and this is normal due to the hair life cycle, but in the event that hair loss is in the form of a large group of tufts falling as a single lump, and when we notice some areas that have become void in the scalp, here we consider this is indeed a loss of hair and not just hair loss naturally.

Causes of hair loss

There are many factors that can lead to hair loss:

Genetic factors.

Psychological factors.

Nutritional factors.

The use of harmful products.

Because the health of our hair, its nature, and its density are affected by many factors, any damage or imbalance that affects these factors will lead to an impact on the hair.

Many of us suffer from baldness and hair loss due to genes inherited from our father or mother. And often hereditary baldness can lead to complete baldness in men, for women they do not go bald completely, but the hair is very light and little.

The psychological factor is one of the most important things that affect our physical health in general, including the health of our hair. Sometimes people suffer major psychological trauma; Like losing a very dear person, or being subjected to a huge amount of pressure due to studies, exams, and work. People whose psychology is easily affected, their hair loss rate is higher than others. Of course, in this case, there will be solutions to help hair grow, but since the main cause of hair loss is a psychological cause, the main solution will be the removal of the factor of stress or pressure, and with time with the help of some hair products it restores its life cycle and grows again. The matter may take some time, but we assure you that the hair will grow again.

Our hair needs nourishment just like any other part of our body, and therefore proper nutritious food helps prevent hair loss and maintain its density and strength. Sometimes hair loss is due to a lack of some nutrients and vitamins, the most important of which are vitamin A, vitamin D and zinc.

Attention to getting adequate doses of them will help reduce hair loss significantly. Also, some people suffer from anemia or anemia due to iron deficiency, which will be the reason for their suffering from hair loss; A visit to the dermatologist is an important and necessary thing in order to guide us to the tests that we need to do, in order to discover the main cause of hair loss. 

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Another factor that leads to hair loss is the use of harmful chemical products in order to obtain the appearance of smooth hair. Many of these materials and products are very harsh on the hair, weakening it and leading to its loss. Recently, the society’s view has begun to differ completely regarding the preference for a certain type or appearance of hair over others. Many women and men also began to take care of their natural (curly) hair by avoiding heat and using natural products, and mothers also began to apply this to their children.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatments are varied according to each case and the cause of the hair loss. As we mentioned, the causes of hair loss vary, and the dermatologist with detection and examination helps us discover the cause and therefore the appropriate treatment. Some people require some medications for them by the doctor, which will be sufficient, other cases may need nutritional supplements, and in severe cases, we may resort to hair transplantation, whether for women or men.

Hair Transplant

The hair transplant procedure’s main idea is to move the hair roots from the back of the head to the empty places. Hair transplantation methods include: Follicular Unit Transplantation – FUT and Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE. Hair transplantation helps men and women to get back the appearance of natural, thick and healthy hair and helps them restore their youthful appearance and attractiveness, and of course this improves their psychology very much.

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Alopecia is known for its formation of circular indentations on the scalp due to hair loss. Alopecia is not limited to a specific group or sex, and it is not considered a serious disease, and it does not cause any physical pain, but it affects the psyche of the sufferers because of appearance. The exact causes of alopecia are not known to researchers. It is recommended to protect the exposed areas from the sun by applying sunscreen and using a scarf to cover it, and follow the treatment plan suggested by the dermatologist after the visit.


Dandruff is another common problem that many people suffer from. Dandruff can be caused by some fungi, or by the nature of the oily scalp, so a greasy crust forms; or by the nature of the dry scalp, so dry crust forms; or by not washing the hair properly and well.

Among the symptoms of dandruff that we notice: itching, and flaking of the skin not only on the scalp but also on the face and eyebrows. In many cases, regular anti-dandruff shampoo can treat dandruff and improve scalp health, but if the problem persists, please visit a dermatologist to suggest appropriate products to treat the problem.

It is advised not to neglect the treatment of dandruff; To avoid its impact on the health of the hair in the long term by damaging the hair follicles due to the constant itching.

Healthy hair tips

The health of our hair is affected, starting with our food, and passing through the daily and weekly habits that we take care of our hair with. Some simple steps that, if we take care to adhere to them in our routine, can greatly help in maintaining our healthy hair.

The type and nature of our hair determines the number of times during the week that we need to wash our hair. If our hair is greasy, it needs more washing times than dry hair to maintain its cleanliness, but at the same time we need that the number of hair washing times is reasonable and not excessive either. 

The way we wash our hair is very important, because adding hair to it affects its health. When we wash our hair, we must know that we need to focus the cleaning on the scalp first in circular motions, and after that we wash the rest of our hair. It is not true that we care about washing the hair itself and neglect the scalp.

Using a hair conditioner is also an important step, but we must take into account some points, mainly:

Conditioner is to be used only on the hair and not on the scalp.

Use an appropriate amount without overdoing it to avoid overburdening the hair.

One of the most important points that must be observed and followed in hair care, in terms of using products, is the saying: “Less is More.” We do not need to use large amounts of the product to get good results, on the contrary! Sometimes, the use of large quantities will do more harm than good. Always using reasonable and appropriate quantities is the best.

Another very simple habit, but with a lot of difference, is to dry the hair in the right way. It is preferable to stay away from ordinary towels to dry the hair and dry it with a microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt. Ordinary towels are harsh on the hair, in addition, they increase the frizz, especially in the case of our curly hair.  It is also preferable to dry the patting method, not by rubbing.

Of course, it is generally known that dyes and the use of heat stress the hair very much, and unfortunately, they can also lead to hair loss. It is preferable to stay away from dyes and heat, and in case of necessity, it is preferable to be at intervals as far apart as possible to avoid overburdening the hair and giving it sufficient time to restore its health.

Aerating and detangling the hair during the day is a simple step, but it is very important.. Our hair needs to breathe, and tying it permanently affects its health and the health of its follicles and the scalp.

One of the most important tips is that we try to hear what our hair needs. It is not necessarily because a particular product is famous, or it works with others that it works for us. Of course, taking opinions is important, but in the end, we need to follow the results that we have experienced ourselves.

The previous tips are as useful for men as they are for women and help us all maintain the health of our hair.

We advise, ladies and gentlemen, that if your hair continues to suffer from any problem despite resorting to normal solutions, please visit a dermatologist.