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Heard about internet addiction? This topic concerns many of us, particularly parents

Between our constant feeling that the Internet connected us with the world, but separated us from reality at the same time, and between the difference in the current lifestyle from that before, many parents fear and worry about the mental and social health of their children.

Let us know more about Internet addiction, and get to know what could be its causes.

Internet addiction in children and adolescents

The Internet has made a big change and a difference in our lives over recent years, to the extent that its presence in our lives has become essential and indispensable.

Many parents fear for the mental and social health of their children appear in the presence of the so-called “Internet addiction”.

Parents’ main fear is that their children are not living their lives normally, they do not have relationships and they do not practice activities because of spending a lot of time on different screens.

Is it really an addiction?

Although some doctors disagree about using the term “internet addiction” because addiction depends on the presence of a substance to be taken, some prefer describing it as a behavioral addiction.

Because the nature of life is so different from before, we want to know that addiction can appear while it is also the way for new generations to interact with the world and their friends through it.

The challenge will be to balance the use of the Internet and social media, in addition to electronic entertainment such as games and others, in a way that allows the child or adolescent to communicate with his world, but with the condition of maintaining his connection with reality.

Beyond Internet Addiction

It should be noted that Internet addiction in children and adolescents is not a disorder in itself, but it may indicate the presence of other disorders through which they escape, such as: anxiety disorder and depression.

In the event that you are concerned that your son or daughter suffers from negative symptoms or any psychological problems due to excessive use of the Internet, you can reassure them and book an appointment with the most skilled doctors and counselors easily through the Doctor Online application